Saturday, April 14, 2012


Is there anything cuter than a three year old in footie pajamas?

Maybe a three year old in footie pajamas with crazy hair?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Non-Eater

As stated in the classic film "A Christmas Story", "every family has a kid who won't eat". Well we're a family, and our kid who won't eat is Avie! She's created an art out of getting out of any meal...and I think I've got her figured out.

Long after the rest of us are done with our meals she's still there, it begins with ignoring...

which is followed soon after by avoidance...

which is then followed by reluctantly holding on to a piece of food...

also followed by dropping said food and a very happy Boris...

which is closely followed by any and every distraction, today it happened to be absolutely needing to ride a trike around the back yard.

We're making progress though, we're going to have this girl up to 25lbs. in no time!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Easter

We started our Easter weekend Friday night with the dyeing of the Easter eggs, which was then followed by breaking and scattering of the eggs, which was then followed by mom cleaning up a huge mess! The plastic eggs have so much more appeal then the hard boiled variety but they did have fun.
Saturday morning we attended Midwestern's Easter Egg Hunt. The weather was warm and the kids had a ton of fun!

Besides the hunts (or run and grab) they had games and bounce houses and snacks.

Avie was very picky with her egg selection.

Rayce didn't give a hoot what was in the eggs, he was grabbing as many as possible.

Danielle had a carefully planned out route.

Happy Easter!
(Dan has a sinus infection, but he say's Happy Easter too!)