Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day

Love was in the air today, because apparently we need a designated day to express our love. I'll stop being negative because we had a great Valentine's Day, the kids exchanged Scooby Doo Valentine's cards and coasted through their day on sugar highs (yes, Avie Jo had Sweet Tarts for breakfast, so what!).

This is Danielle's "camcorder" Valentine's receiving box. She did it entirely on her own! Isn't she talented! She had a fun party today at school and came home with a box-full of sweets and cards of sweet nothing's. I remember how fun Valentine's Day was as a kid, picking out a special card for the cute boy in my class. Danielle has repeatedly assured me she has no interest for any boys in her class, and I nod my head and smile, knowing she's lying though her teeth! That's okay, she doesn't need to tell her mom everything, but I'll get it out of her sometime!
Happy Valentine's Day XOXOXO

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not for the Squeamish, Like ME!

Saturday night it was Rayce verses The Playground Steps in a Battle Royale!

2 stitches later

The steps got lucky this time, next time they'll pay!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Big Bag

I know I mentioned that there were no photo's taken of Christmas morning or of any of the kids gifts, but I did take a picture of the unanimously favorite gift of all the kids!
Tah-dah! The huge bean bag chair! No, it is not a love sac, they're ridiculously expensive, but the kids don't know the difference and they LOVE it! They take turns sleeping on it, they watch movies all crammed together on it, they high dive off the couch onto it, they fight over it constantly (big surprise there), even Avie is a fan as you can see!