Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feeling Grateful

This morning as Avie woke up she experienced a seizure. She woke with a fever and was laying upstairs with Dan on the couch when she went really rigid and then began convulsing. Dan brought her downstairs to me, she was unresponsive and her face was grey. She wouldn't look at us, wouldn't respond to her name. It was so scary, Danielle was panicked, we all were. Dan took her to the emergency room, while I took the other two to school. At the hospital they determined she had what is called a febrile seizure, this happens when a fever raises too quickly for the body to handle. They did a chest X-ray and also said she may have a touch of pneumonia, poor baby went through a lot this morning, it was so frightening to let my mind for a split second go to the worst case scenario, but now I just feel thankful. Thankful that it wasn't more serious, thankful that Dan was home and is familiar enough with seizures to know what to look for, thankful for competent doctors and nurses, and mostly thankful for my amazing resilient kids who I love more than anything. Our time with them is so short, even if they're completely healthy! They grow so fast and I hope I never take my time with them for granted!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking Sharp

I clearly don't quite yet understand the nature of boys, and this proves it. Rayce puts everything in his pockets; change, rocks, leaves, small toys, big toys, whatever, it all goes in his pockets. It's like Mary Poppins bag, he keeps pulling stuff out!
I know this is the case, but I still never seem to bother checking his pockets before I do his laundry...yes, you can see where this is going. Rayce leaves a blue crayon in his pocket; crayon in the washer not bad; crayon in the dryer...really bad! Most of his church clothes came out tie-dyed a lovely blue color! So I take Rayce to pick out new church clothes and what does he want, a suit?

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with little boy suits (especially when they're on clearance at Kohl's) I just didn't think Rayce was the suit type.

He does look very handsome!

Incidentally, he also tried pop rock candy for the first time...

He was a bit surprised at the capabilities of a simple candy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Stuff

Look who's a looker in glasses!

Danielle has been telling me for a year now that she couldn't see the board at school, so I finally called and got her an appointment and sure enough her vision isn't that great. Good thing she looks so darn cute in glasses!

Also, yesterday Dan and I celebrated our 11th year wedding anniversary! We went to a place called St. Francis in Phoenix and it was very yummy!

And I just had to throw this in for the Grandparents and Aunts!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Kids

So both Danielle and Rayce started their new school year, Danielle yesterday and Rayce a week ago.

The very cool and very stylish 4th grader!

Boris and Rayce both got spiffy new haircuts!

Now, three days a week it's just Avie and I! She's staying busy maintaining her's not that hard for her!