Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's been quite a year, but we all made it intact to Avie first birthday. She's been a little trooper through all she's dealt with this first year. It looks as though she may have a little more to go through in the near future. She will soon visit with an allergist and also a ear, nose and throat specialist.

We had wanted to have everyone over to our new place and decided Avie's birthday was excuse enough, so we did a barbecue/birthday party.

It was fun and Avie loved her cake that she was actually allowed to eat. I gave her a big piece thinking she wouldn't be able to eat the whole thing.

Think again mom! She devoured it!

I can't imagine our family without this little girl. I love her to pieces. We see more and more of her personality every day. She's a little shy, she's sweet, she's definitely feisty. She loves to play with her brother and sister! She likes to pull all the DVD's out of the cabinet and play with Rayce's cars. She'll babble for a minute or two and then look at you like she wants a response. She's an extremely picky eater, but she loves meat, and that's about it. She loves to be outside, she is becoming less and less of a mama's girl and more and more of a daddy's pal. We love her so much, Happy Birthday Avie!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I tried to take a sweet Valentine's Day picture of Rayce and Danielle both kissing Avie Jo on the cheeks, this is what I got, enjoy!

Avie is wondering what kind of holiday requires this excessive smothering.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Lazy Sunday

Our church doesn't start until 2 pm, and I have to admit, I kinda like it. We're still not on time, if you can believe it, but Sunday's feel lazy again. I love just hanging around the house with my family on Sunday's. Here are some of the highlights of our morning (don't fall asleep, I know we're pretty boring).

Danielle worked on a craft (until Rayce saw what she was doing and "ruined it").

Avie decided it was high time she caught up on her reading of contemporary economics in America.

Dan looks forward every Sunday to watch his DVR'ed Supercross Races.

Rayce's many activities included destroying anything Danielle was trying to do, and covering himself head to toe in stickers.

And Mom, I just got to sit back and enjoy. After I broke up a few scuffles between Danielle and Rayce. Ahhh, nice morning.


A couple of pictures from our recent excursion to the Phoenix Zoo!

Mommy's favorite, the otter. I could watch him all day!

The biggest draw for Raycey boy was....

the birds and squirrels! He would have been content to chase them and feed them popcorn the whole time. Elephants are boring anyway.