Monday, January 28, 2013

The Bash

So Friday at the kids' school the PTA hosted their biggest fundraiser of the year. It's called the big bash. They have dinner, a DJ, lots of games and a silent auction with themed baskets put together by donations from each class. I'm the room parent for Rayce's class so I was in charge of the kindergarten's basket. It turned out lovely and by night's end everything had a bid.
Rayce took 3rd place in the costume contest.
Don't tell Rayce, but Avie smoked him in putting skills.
Danielle and her cute friends! She keeps trying to convince me she doesn't have a boyfriend...I have my suspicions.
Avie was once a girl with many inhibitions, but they are long gone. She was dancing and twirling and jumping.
Rayce was a little more reluctant to bust a move, he would walk around the dance floor hopping and gyrating a little as he went. It was a good night, and we managed to not embarrass Danielle like she instructed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Their Point of View

This is what happens when I leave my camera out...
Mom's turn, love these kids!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Going sledding seemed like a good idea since we had gotten so much snow. I'm just not real tolerant of the cold yet, but it didn't matter the kids wanted to go so off we went to Memorial park.
I've always heard the snow in Utah is different than in other places and that has proved correct. The hill we went sledding on had turned to pure ice and I thought it was terrifying...but maybe I'm just getting old. It also doesn't help to see various patches of blood amongst the snow, so I was happy to take Avie Jo to the car to warm up when she got cold, but daddy and the kids stayed out and braved the ice-hill.


The pictures are very grainy but worth posting. It was a great Christmas!
Avie got her kitchen.
Rayce got his snare drum.
Danielle got a bunch of little things.