Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dancing Classrooms Compete

A while back I posted about Danielle's participation in dancing classrooms where they were teaching the fifth-graders various ballroom dances. Her school put together a competition team to compete against 5 other elementary schools. Danielle tried out and was accepted into the competition. Last Monday was the day, it was so much fun to watch all the kids and the focus they had in learning these dances. Danielle's school was the "green" team and her partner was Will, they did a great job, all of them! Danielle and Lauren. When it came time to announce the winning school... was team GREEN!!! THEY WON!!! Danielle and Lizzie


Until recently on any given Sunday you would find the Nelsons settled in front of the fireplace watching a movie together roasting marshmallows or eating popcorn. It became our Sunday tradition while we were here in Omaha. Our home in Arizona had a gas fireplace, but I LOVE wood-burning! It was one of the positive things amongst the gloom of a never ending winter! Smore time Many times the sofa bed would stay out all weekend. The kids would all crash on it. Last Sunday was General Conference weekend. Talk about Lazy, I don't think we moved much all of Sunday, but how often do you get to do least when you're not sick. It was a great weekend. Except that Boris was not moving off the comfy chair for anyone.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Priorities, Priorities

She fell asleep with her two most cherished possessions, her baby, and her favorite animal print cardigan :)

Monday, April 1, 2013


Another Easter has come and gone and we kept to ourselves this year. We had a family egg hunt and just hung around the house. Dyeing our eggs. Avie was confused by this term, our eggs are going to be dyed? Her and Rayce play bad guys a lot and the bad guy always dies...not dye. She's so funny! Spring is springing here in Omaha...finally! Our first winter back to winters and it has been long. We're so excited for warmer days and cool nights. The farmer's market starts in about a month, and we're mentally prepping for an overseas move! So much going on right now, the kids are anxiously awaiting the end of the school year and we've started soccer and volleyball. We love spring time! Happy Easter!