Monday, April 1, 2013


Another Easter has come and gone and we kept to ourselves this year. We had a family egg hunt and just hung around the house. Dyeing our eggs. Avie was confused by this term, our eggs are going to be dyed? Her and Rayce play bad guys a lot and the bad guy always dies...not dye. She's so funny! Spring is springing here in Omaha...finally! Our first winter back to winters and it has been long. We're so excited for warmer days and cool nights. The farmer's market starts in about a month, and we're mentally prepping for an overseas move! So much going on right now, the kids are anxiously awaiting the end of the school year and we've started soccer and volleyball. We love spring time! Happy Easter!

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Jessica Larson said...

I'm glad it's getting warmer for you guys! I'm so nervous about our first winter back to winters next year. Not to mention the overseas move coming up! Sounds like you guys are staying busy!