Thursday, January 13, 2011


So Rayce's training wheels came off tonight on his bike. I think Dan was prepared to give whatever instruction needed, but, Rayce didn't need quite as many as we thought he would.

Actually, he needed none! He took off like a shot!

Is riding in tube socks dangerous, or just unfashionable?

To say that Rayce has always been a little precocious would be a big, fat understatement. Dan and I knew when he started running at nine months of age that we might have our hands full with this busy kid. He's proven us correct so far, I wonder what next he'll tackle with ease?

Not really sure what this is all about, but he's darn cute!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a New Year, and it's Cold!

It's official, I have acclimated to Arizona's climate. It's 60 degrees and I'm freeeezing! Yet, if my family were here they'd be in shorts sitting out back on the patio. At any rate, I still believe I like this better than 115.

So we made it through the Christmas holiday, Santa visited our house and all that, yet I managed to NOT take a single picture of Christmas day and the subsequent week long break after. I've been camera lazy and not particularly wanting to blog either. I'm thankful for our holiday breaks, but I find equally as grateful to get back into normal mundane routines (I'm sure by spring break I'll be blogging about needing a break from normal mundane routines).

I've since jumped back headlong on the wagon to document the coming's and going's of our families every move, though only one event lately I feel the need to bore you with. Avie has reached the pivotal age of...almost two, anyhow for some reason in our family around this age Dan and I both become exhausted of trying to get our kids to sleep through the night in their crib, so our brilliant solution, are you ready...why not put them in a regular bed where they can get in and out to their little heart's content??? Are you as confused by our logic or lack of it as I am? Truthfully I have no idea what possessed me (I say me not us, it was me not Dan) to put Avie in a bed, but anyhow it's done and I don't think we'll be turning back. Here's pictoral evidence of how we're faring so far.

Thank goodness for Danielle, she takes the p.m. shift and I the a.m. Avie's always been a bit on the clingy side and this carries over to even her REM cycles. I can't be sure, but I think she has some sort of radar that goes off the moment there ceases to be a warm body next to her in bed. Maybe we should get a dog, a large dog and put one of my tee shirts on it?

Anywho, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a great 2011!