Thursday, January 13, 2011


So Rayce's training wheels came off tonight on his bike. I think Dan was prepared to give whatever instruction needed, but, Rayce didn't need quite as many as we thought he would.

Actually, he needed none! He took off like a shot!

Is riding in tube socks dangerous, or just unfashionable?

To say that Rayce has always been a little precocious would be a big, fat understatement. Dan and I knew when he started running at nine months of age that we might have our hands full with this busy kid. He's proven us correct so far, I wonder what next he'll tackle with ease?

Not really sure what this is all about, but he's darn cute!


The Bluths said...

That last picture just makes me laugh!

Mandy and Erick said...

Yay for Rayce! The tube socks are my favorite part!

The PG Pixtons said...

Tenacious, what a great word to describe this Man-Child! You also couldn't have chosen a more appropriate name for this boy, because he is going to give you a run for your money for the next 18(?) years!