Thursday, September 22, 2011

All She Wants

So a week or so ago Danielle and I went to Fry's to get a few things for breakfast that morning. As we were walking in the store they had a backyard swing sitting there on clearance. Danielle ran over to it, sat down and immediately started bargaining for it. She pulled out all the stops going so far as saying she didn't want a birthday party this year, she only wanted the swing. So, long story short, we are now the owners of a new swing and as Danielle promised, she will be skipping her friend birthday party this year, although, she's already trying to figure out how to bargain herself back to a birthday party, we'll see what happens in December.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

On a Lighter Note

Before the craziness of this last week took over we had a pretty great weekend in San Diego. Let me first say that Dan and I had been planning for six months to go to Boston this last weekend, but couldn't foresee Hurricane Irene barreling her way up the east coast the day of our departure. After spending a couple of hours on the phone rescheduling our plans there, we decided last minute to go to Sea World (one of the many perks of being with the Air Force is getting in free once a year).

We've had so many pictures at the beach this last year, what can I say, we LOVE the beach and who knows if we'll live this close to it this time next year.

We sat in the "splash zone" for the Shamu show, Rayce and Avie had a few reservations.

We spent the last half day before we went home on Coronado, this is Dans very favorite place in California, if you've ever been there you understand why. It's so quaint, It almost feels like it could still be in the 1950's.

Muscle beach

Sassy beach

A good sort of worn out!