Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rose Festival and Japanese Gelato

Well it's definitely summer in Northern Japan, the temps are cooler, the air is misty and the sun peaks out only periodically. The heat doesn't hit until mid to late July and then it's sweltering humidity until September. With the kids on summer break we try hard to get out of the house and do something throughout the day. We've tended to get in ruts in years past and that means way too much time with electronics, well this year I've put my foot down and that's saying a lot for this mama. Today, we drove 45 minutes to a rose festival in Shichinohe. Now, I knew this wouldn't be something my kids would be thrilled with, but they're okay once we get to these places and with the added promise of a stop for gelato they were a go.
It wasn't really rainy as it was misty, just enough where little droplets of water was covering everything.
I spy some beautiful flowers and a beautiful girl!
We didn't stay too long at the rose before kids started wanting to move on. So off to gelato!
We headed to Namiki Farm. It was very quaint and green!
We could of had something as exotic as sesame or black currant but no we're chocolate people.
After gelato we stopped by to say hi to the ponies and then back home. I love these summer outings and my kids love sweet things so I call this one a win.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Avie had a ballet recital the same day as Danielle had her volleyball game, it was a crazy busy day. Avie did a wonderful job, she is a very graceful dancer. I'm trying to encourage her to stay in dance even though she's growing a little weary of it right now.
This was the rehearsal right before the recital started.
Waiting for the recital to begin.
Now, the real thing.
Well done Avie Jo!!
Avie and her teacher, Ms. Chiyuki.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

One of the Perks

I think I've mentioned before that sports are not really Danielle's thing, but she loves volleyball. After the regular volley ball season the youth center here on base had tryouts for a select team to practice through the summer and possibly play some Japanese teams. Danielle tried out and made the team. The extra practices and coaches have been very helpful for her in honing her skills, so hopefully she can make her high school team.

This last Saturday they had a game with a local Japanese team. It was a great experience. Even though the girls don't speak the same language they were able to communicate and had lunch together after the game. Experiences like this I hope that my kids will remember as they reflect on our time overseas and see as truly unique and fortunate. As peoples we truly have more in common than not.
It was such a busy Saturday and I was running kids to different activities and as soon as I left the youth center they put Danielle in and I missed her entire playing time! Oh well, they're going to try and play this team again, hopefully before we move in August!

Monday, June 6, 2016

She's a Keeper

The last and final awards ceremony for Danielle at Edgren and she took home The Presidential Award for academic excellence, a service award for her year as class president, and a principal's award.
Dani (as she's called by her friends), and her girls.
As Danielle starts her freshman year this fall it will be the 8th school she's attended in her academic career. She's seemed to adapt well to the constant change and is a remarkable young lady, she's definitely a keeper!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Children's Land

The very hardest thing about the military is seeing good friends move away. I didn't experience this as a kid, not once. I grew up in the same place with the same friends and no one left. My poor kids have said goodbye to many a good friend. It never gets easier. This last week we said see ya later to some of our best friends. We are grateful for the time we had them and for this day we spent with them at Children's Land in Hachinohe.

Children's Land is a small amusement park about an hour away. The kids love the rides, the adults love the food, mostly the American style snow-cones. Yay!!
Even big kid Danielle wasn't too cool for the swings.
Beautiful day!
Bailey and Avie
Rayce and Brendan
Our friends, The Leveretts.
We can't be serious for too long.
Even Danielle wanted her picture taken! No, no she didn't but that wasn't going to stop her dad from helping her into the pictures.
Got her!
A few days later at the airport we said some tearful goodbyes,
we sure miss this family already.