Saturday, June 4, 2016

Children's Land

The very hardest thing about the military is seeing good friends move away. I didn't experience this as a kid, not once. I grew up in the same place with the same friends and no one left. My poor kids have said goodbye to many a good friend. It never gets easier. This last week we said see ya later to some of our best friends. We are grateful for the time we had them and for this day we spent with them at Children's Land in Hachinohe.

Children's Land is a small amusement park about an hour away. The kids love the rides, the adults love the food, mostly the American style snow-cones. Yay!!
Even big kid Danielle wasn't too cool for the swings.
Beautiful day!
Bailey and Avie
Rayce and Brendan
Our friends, The Leveretts.
We can't be serious for too long.
Even Danielle wanted her picture taken! No, no she didn't but that wasn't going to stop her dad from helping her into the pictures.
Got her!
A few days later at the airport we said some tearful goodbyes,
we sure miss this family already.

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