Sunday, December 19, 2010

White Tank Library

I love libraries! I love hanging out at the library! I love looking around and seeing books and books and more books!
In November we went out to the opening of the new library at the entrance to the White Tank Mountains. Needless to say it was a zoo, so this last week we went back to see what it was like without the crowds.

It is a great library, very peaceful and you can't beat the views!

Danielle got her very first library card and Rayce and Avie spent most of the time playing with the train table.

They also have a pretty cool nature preserve and it's close enough to the White Tanks to do some exploring, as far as libraries go it is pretty amazing!

Ponytail Girl

Nothing cuter than a baby with a ponytail!

Nine is Great

Danielle's Birthday was on the 12th of December. I'm sorry to say she's a year away from the double digits. I can't believe my baby is nine years old, she's definitely a keeper! She loves to cook and craft and draw and paint. I wouldn't be surprised a bit if she grows up to be a teacher. She's incredibly sensitive and compassionate, and is a tremendous help with her brother and sister. I'm sure she makes a difference in the lives of all she meets!

For her ninth birthday, Danielle wanted to have an inside-out birthday party. So all of her friends wore their clothes inside-out and backwards.

We played some fun games, like pin-the-donkey-on-the-tail.

Danielle received some great gifts from all her sweet girlfriends!

The Guests with the Birthday Girl!

Life would not be the same without this girl, we love her!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Raycey Boy!

My sweet son turned four years old on the 3rd of December. He was born on a cold December Sunday shortly after church, and it was love at first sight! He came out head up instead of the preferred head down, so he was a bit beat up for the first couple of days.

He could barely open his eyes they were so swollen!

Rayce wanted a cowboy themed party, so I turned it over to Dan and he played a bunch of fun games with the kids. They roped a horse, had some target practice and an O.K. Corral style show-down.

Dan and Mike showing us the art of the show-down.

The Birthday Boy in all his gifted glory!

Rayce was just about 18 months old when we moved here to Arizona, now he's 4. I have truly enjoyed every moment with this kid, he's a joy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What a Kid

Danielle has had a busy month so far. Her dance recital was last week and she was amazing! Her class performed two dances, one jazz and one ballet.

Rayce and Avie loved watching, but Avie kept inching closer and closer...

maybe, Avie is ready for dance as well.

Danielle was also chosen by her school teacher for what is called "character counts". The teachers choose two students from each classroom that they feel demonstrate the six character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Dan and I were able to come and surprise Danielle at her school where she and the other chosen kids were honored in an assembly!

I love this girl, she's the best!

It's a Zoo

It was another fabulous Thanksgiving this year, a little bit cold to eat outside like last year, but still so much fun with amazing food. We weren't in the mood to hit the stores on black Friday so we decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo instead. All of the animals were cooperating beautifully. The kids had a blast checking out all the cool exhibits and even rode on a smelly camel!

Rayce with cousin Claira

The highlight of Rayce's day! If it wasn't five bucks a pop we would of let him go again and again!

Seeing the Cheetah up close was worth the price of admission for me.