Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Raycey Boy!

My sweet son turned four years old on the 3rd of December. He was born on a cold December Sunday shortly after church, and it was love at first sight! He came out head up instead of the preferred head down, so he was a bit beat up for the first couple of days.

He could barely open his eyes they were so swollen!

Rayce wanted a cowboy themed party, so I turned it over to Dan and he played a bunch of fun games with the kids. They roped a horse, had some target practice and an O.K. Corral style show-down.

Dan and Mike showing us the art of the show-down.

The Birthday Boy in all his gifted glory!

Rayce was just about 18 months old when we moved here to Arizona, now he's 4. I have truly enjoyed every moment with this kid, he's a joy!


Reagan Family said...

Happy Birthday Rayce! Hope you guys are doing well! Miss ya!

The Bluths said...

Happy Birthday little guy!

Valerie Hall said...

We love Rayce! He is a fun, cute kid!

K&S said...

Fun! Can you believe how fast time flies!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Rayce! I can't believe he was only 18 months old when you moved here! That is so crazy to me! He is such a cutie.