Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nine is Great

Danielle's Birthday was on the 12th of December. I'm sorry to say she's a year away from the double digits. I can't believe my baby is nine years old, she's definitely a keeper! She loves to cook and craft and draw and paint. I wouldn't be surprised a bit if she grows up to be a teacher. She's incredibly sensitive and compassionate, and is a tremendous help with her brother and sister. I'm sure she makes a difference in the lives of all she meets!

For her ninth birthday, Danielle wanted to have an inside-out birthday party. So all of her friends wore their clothes inside-out and backwards.

We played some fun games, like pin-the-donkey-on-the-tail.

Danielle received some great gifts from all her sweet girlfriends!

The Guests with the Birthday Girl!

Life would not be the same without this girl, we love her!!!

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