Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Happiest Place...

For Dan's spring break we decided to head to Disneyland. My mom and dad came with us, and my brother who is working a couple of hours north of LA met up with us as well.

I suggested we take a picture at the beginning of the day while the adults were all smiling (you can't tell, but we are all smiling).

I think Rayce was fully expecting Lightening McQueen to say hello!

I'm pretty sure Dan and I enjoyed California Adventures more than the kids.

Hunting Beach Pier (lovely, but cold!)

Avie was determined to go and see Minnie Mouse despite the formidable line, but when we got to her Avie was less than impressed.

We'll be back!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Lady

Avie Jo turned two on February 26th!

She was getting all the gifts yet she kept saying "Happy Birthday" to Rayce. Maybe next year she'll fully understand what it means to be the birthday girl. My parents happened to be in town so they celebrated with us. Avie received some dress-ups from Grandma and Grandpa and a baby doll with stroller and a pillow pet from us.

She is a fan of chocolate cupcakes!

Her "pi-whoa" pet.

The fact that Avie Jo turned two is just amazing to me, she is the sassiest twenty-one pound girl around! Yes, I said twenty-one pounds, this little princess weighs as much as a typical one year old! She loves to cuddle, especially with her daddy. She loves all things baby, both dolls and the real kind. She seems to have a favorite color in purple. As far as food goes, getting her to eat is something of an adventure, but when she does eat she prefers pasta, any kind of meat, and she adores her rice milk! Don't bring any candy around her unless you want a fight on your hands, and I know from experience that she's likely to win!

I feel completely blessed by this little girl. I can say that now with surety because for a while I wasn't sure about her at all. She is so different from the other two and I didn't know how react to her. I LOVE this little girl with big attitude and I hope her old soul can learn a thing or two from her parents, or maybe she's here to teach us!