Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today I ran my first race, a 10k. It was the Grand Canyon University's Run to Fight Children's Cancer. I was so nervous, but it was an awesome experience and I may actually in the future do another one. So my race time was 1:04:01, pretty darn slow but not too bad for my first race. I placed 72/124 women and 153/214 overall. Man, there were some fast runners...maybe someday.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Disney Pt. 2

I guess she didn't want her picture taken...too bad

Dan's favorite ride, The Screamer. By the time Danielle had worked her nerve up to go on it, it was closed!

The dreaded Tower of Terror, The Callister girls finally convinced Danielle to go on it, and it was her new favorite ride.

Can you tell who's related, haha.

Rayce was in his prime during the bumper cars. He could drive and drive into others, yes!

Leap Day 2012, the park was open 24 hours starting 6 am and we had grandiose plans to be there as soon as it opened but none of us were even stirring at 6, we made it there by 8.

Rayce attacked Pluto.

You wouldn't know it looking at the picture but Avie's highlight was meeting Mickey Mouse and she talked about it the rest of the trip although face to face she wouldn't talk or touch him!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Because of our impending move halfway across the country we figured we better take advantage of our proximity to Disneyland one more time!

We left for California on Avie's 3rd Birthday...she didn't seem to mind celebrating at Disney.

Huntington Beach was cold!

We got to go with some of our favorite people, we love the Halls and their boys and will miss them when we move.

The Nelson's and The Callister's; more favorite people. They have three girls around Danielle's age so she had a ball.

The lines weren't too bad the first day, the kids seemed to keep each other entertained

Nemo's submarine

It ended up raining on and off that first day but it made the lines non-existent so we got a lot of rides in. The kids didn't seem to care at all about the rain.

Day two we went to California Adventures and came a bit more prepared for the colder weather.

to be continued...