Saturday, March 3, 2012


Because of our impending move halfway across the country we figured we better take advantage of our proximity to Disneyland one more time!

We left for California on Avie's 3rd Birthday...she didn't seem to mind celebrating at Disney.

Huntington Beach was cold!

We got to go with some of our favorite people, we love the Halls and their boys and will miss them when we move.

The Nelson's and The Callister's; more favorite people. They have three girls around Danielle's age so she had a ball.

The lines weren't too bad the first day, the kids seemed to keep each other entertained

Nemo's submarine

It ended up raining on and off that first day but it made the lines non-existent so we got a lot of rides in. The kids didn't seem to care at all about the rain.

Day two we went to California Adventures and came a bit more prepared for the colder weather.

to be continued...


Valerie Hall said...

Great pictures! It was a great trip and the Halls will sure miss the Nelsons too!!!!

Cass said...

You look beautiful in that picture of you, Dan & Avie! So fun to go w/ friends.