Sunday, October 25, 2015


Dan got me to go to the motocross track in Towada the other day. I went knowing I could read and take pictures the whole time, two of my favorites! The weather was gorgeous and there were fall leaves everywhere.
There are two tracks here, one is more like a trail and then there's the big boys track. Rayce mostly stayed on the trail.
Dad on the big boys track!
Rayce on the big boys track!
I had to take Rayces' bike for a little spin...not on the big boys track!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lake Towada in Fall

It has happened that many times Dan will have the day off and the kids wont, these days are the best because Dan and I can go off base and see the things we like to without complaining from the back seat. Sometimes, we will just drive around and talk, and eat of course.
We had a day like this last week, and it was wonderful! We took a drive up to the Oirase Gorge and around Lake Towada.
The gorge has at least seven waterfalls that I counted but there could be even more.
At the top of the gorge is Lake Towada, the third deepest lake in Japan. We haven't been up here since we first moved to Japan, it was time to visit again.
Lake Towada from above, beautiful!
Coming around the lake there is a place where all the tourist buses stop with shops and restaurants and a shrine!
Even the man-hole covers are decorative, I should start a photo collection of all the different man-hole covers.
Hard to believe I know, but there was a shrine as well.
I think I say this every time, but this was a really pretty one.
Ah, fall.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Disney Sea

Here are our pictures from Disney Sea! The day was gorgeous! For some reason, Disney Sea was more crowded than Disney Land. We were still able to get in all our favorite rides, plus when it's crowded we eat more, win, win, right?
This park isn't as decked out as the other for Halloween.
It was warm enough this time for popsicles, yay!
We tried to stuff napkins in Avie Jo's shoes to make her the little bit taller she needed to be to go on a majority of the rides, but alas, she was like a centimeter short!
By the time we made it over to Tower of Terror all the fast passes were gone, and we weren't going to wait 80 minutes in line!
So we went to play on the ship instead. Our day went by way too fast, and we all got sad thinking that this could be the last time at Tokyo Disney.