Sunday, October 18, 2015

Disney Sea

Here are our pictures from Disney Sea! The day was gorgeous! For some reason, Disney Sea was more crowded than Disney Land. We were still able to get in all our favorite rides, plus when it's crowded we eat more, win, win, right?
This park isn't as decked out as the other for Halloween.
It was warm enough this time for popsicles, yay!
We tried to stuff napkins in Avie Jo's shoes to make her the little bit taller she needed to be to go on a majority of the rides, but alas, she was like a centimeter short!
By the time we made it over to Tower of Terror all the fast passes were gone, and we weren't going to wait 80 minutes in line!
So we went to play on the ship instead. Our day went by way too fast, and we all got sad thinking that this could be the last time at Tokyo Disney.

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Cass said...

Love seeing what the park looks like, I mean that Tower of Terror!? Awesome. So jealous that you guys get to go here. Your kids are growing and are darling. I love seeing all of your Japan adventures!