Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Sidestreets of Tokyo

There are some amazing side streets and pedestrian only streets in Tokyo. I love exploring these places. They are usually packed full of great food and quaint shops.
These are also some of my favorite scenes to capture in pictures. Candid scenes of everyday life here in Japan.
Of course, I like taking pictures of these guys too.
Tokyo Tower in the background!
Rayce found a delicious curry bun.
Another fun thing about walking these streets is you literally meet people from all over the world, we had conversations with people from New Zealand and England.
We ended up eating at a little place on one of these side streets and they served quail eggs as an appetizer, so of course we all had to try one, even Avie! She is usually not an adventurous all, but Danielle said she'd pay her a buck to try it. Wow, that's the key, huh? We thought for a moment that she might vomit but she kept it down. Actually, quail eggs are pretty tasty.
They even had rickshaws and after all the walking around it was kinda enticing, but expensive!
It's nice to have a city like Tokyo where you feel safe enough to explore the side streets and stuff kinda off the beaten path. Even more to come.

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