Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cookie Dough and a Limo

A couple of times a year, Danielle's school holds various fundraiser's. Well, we usually do not participate (I don't like asking people to buy cookie dough or magazine subscriptions!). Danielle was extremely motivated by this last one because of the incentives of prizes, namely, a limo to take you and a friend to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch. I told her she was on her own on this one, but I did buy a couple of magazine subscriptions to help get the ball rolling. Enter Dan's dental clinic. Dan took the catalog to his dental clinic to see if anyone was interested and oh my! Who knew all these dental students would buy the place out of cookie dough!? Well, long story short Danielle ended up being one of the student's that won a ride in a limo to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch! I reluctantly let her take my camera to capture the event:

Danielle invited her friend Jayda

I think they had a good time!