Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Awww... The Cabin

This last weekend we headed up to Pine, AZ, with the Harmon Clan and some other friends from Dental School for a little R and R at the cabin. Everyone else went up Thursday, but Dan had a follow up Dr.'s appointment Friday morning (he had MERSA, and yes he's fine), so we left shortly after. We had an excellent time and are grateful to the Harmon's for an invite, it was a much needed break after finals. I got a few shots while we were up there, but my camera was doing funky things, and I have to admit I spent most of the time staring out the window at the leaves falling! (Oh, the things I took for granted in Utah.) When we left Saturday It was even beginning to snow up there, it did my heart good to see snow. I can't believe I miss it! When we got back home it was thirty degrees warmer than up at pine, hooray for the high country!

My Love and I.

If Avie could talk she would have said
"Hand over the smore!!!"

Is there any resemblance?


Jamie said...

Ohh! What a great way to start break! I hope you guys are having a wonderful time putting the house together (and relaxing)! The house is beautiful and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Monica said...

We loved having you up there, and thanks for coming to Oakley's B-day party. We love you guys!!! M&M&O