Monday, June 21, 2010

Back in Business

I was finally able to purchase a new camera! It's so nice for my blogging, and for the two people out there that actually read it.
So to catch up on the past month or so:

Dan is officially in his third year of Dental School! (I know, it's flown by) They start seeing patients in another week! Yay, and congrats on all his hard work!

Danielle is officially out of the second grade and considering entering the third grade at some point.

Avie's skin is looking better all the time, she's still a hand full, no doubt that will not change.

Rayce is now sporting a seasonally induced buzz cut, he's a cute boy with or without hair.

Our garden is actually starting to produce some produce.

So, we took off this last weekend to go to St. George, Utah. It was a much needed break, and although it's not exactly cool, it's still "cooler" than good old Arizona. I may be crazy, but I enjoy the road trip part of it all. Dan and I are actually able to talk and for the most part the kids do okay. We stayed with Dan's sister and just had a great time. Our niece Claira, celebrated her 4th Birthday while we were there, so we we able to celebrate with her.

On our way. Kinda, anyway, we we're stuck for an hour on the Hoover Dam.

Awesome view though.

Atticus, Danielle, Raycey, and Birthday Girl Claira, at the pool.

And then there's this little cutie!

We also rode motorcycles...

and went for a couple of walks...

and just enjoyed the beautiful Southern Utah scenery!


Jessica said...

Linsey, I don't know if you were counting me in the 2 that read your blog, but if not you can bump that number up to 3!! :) I'm glad you got a new camera! That's exciting. What a fun trip to St. George! That's so nice that your kids do ok in the car. I've never minded road trips, either. But then again, I haven't really taken a long one with a one year old yet! We'll see how that goes later this summer.

You guys look great! Your kids are just so cute!

The Bluths said...

Hey I read your blog too! We missed you at Volleyball practice this morning :) Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Angie said...

I am glad to see that you found a new camera. Keep the posts coming! I love reading your blog!

Tono, Brielle, Bryton & Callie said...

Hey. It has been awhile since we have seen you! It is good to see you are doing well. Let's get together soon!

Michelle Fogg said...

I read your blog and LOVE it! Make me so happy to see pics of my favorite people!! I can't believe how old Avie looks - what a big girl and so beautiful too (just like Mommy). Love you and glad you had fun in St. George!!! Next time SLC - my house?! :)