Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tricking but Mostly Treating

What a fun Halloween we had this year. Danielle was bat girl, Rayce was a cowboy, (although he was trying to figure out a way to fuse ninja, cowboy and pirate into one testosterone filled entity), and Avie Jo was a ladybug. Avie thought Halloween a complete waste of her time until she realized exactly what it entailed and then...well I bet you can guess!

Avie's not sure about this.

Still not interested,

Not quite yet,

Bingo! At this point she's thinking dressing up like a dumb ladybug is fine if it gets a kid a plastic pumpkin full of skittles and smarties!

What a great night and it didn't hurt that the weather was perfect! Happy Halloween!


Jessica said...

Great costumes!!! It was pretty great weather, wasn't it?

The PG Pixtons said...

Remind me to give that girl some candy next time I see her! What a great series of pictures. I love Rayces costume montage, and Danielle looks awesome!