Friday, April 1, 2011

Something's Missing

Hmmm, this is a new one for me. Three kids and Avie is our first that is flat refusing to keep her diaper on. She's taken it off countless times at home and now two times at the gym. Do you think she's trying to tell us something?

Well, until she's potty trained I need to go and get some duct tape!


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness Linsey that is hilarious!!...and horrible for you! :) Sawyer has done it a few times but it hasn't become a routine or anything. Good luck with that!!

The Gronemans said...

That is so funny! At least it's a cute little bum under the diaper :)

The PG Pixtons said...

Way to go Avie! The further you are down the line the harder it is to come up with new and exciting things to keep your parents from getting too bored. Can't wait to see what's next.