Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Summer So Far

Aside from getting a new pet and taking a long vacation, we've had some other adventures this summer! Surprisingly, the heat hasn't bothered us as much this summer, I guess we're finally acclimating...just in time to move. Yes, we've entered into under a year now, the countdown is on!

In a couple of short weeks the kids will head back to school, Danielle to the fourth grade (gulp), and Rayce to his last year of pre-school, and life will become erratic and crazy again in one sense and scheduled and structured in another. I'm not ready for summer to end just yet, we've actually had a great time together, not that I'm surprised they're great kids, I'm just usually ready by this time to push them back out the door to school.

Danielle participated in a volleyball camp this summer and really loved it! I've been waiting for her to find something that she would light up doing and I think volleyball is that for her, doesn't she look so cute in her knee pads?

She also had another dance recital, I wish I got better pictures, she did a fantastic job, and will be continuing this fall.

For the Fourth of July Holiday we trekked it up to Prescott, one of the best kept secrets in Arizona. This place is gorgeous, and they have trees, actual trees!

Did they film Pollyanna here?

Walking around a little festival they had going on, the weather was perfect, overcast, and upper 80's.

Cutie pies

I think the kids thought it worth the two hour drive for the amazingly big sno-cones!

We ended up driving to a nearby lake to check it out, the scenery was beautiful...

...the water quality questionable.

I wasn't getting in the water, but my family didn't see or didn't care what the sign said, neither did Boris!

I'm glad summer isn't quite over yet, they're still some fun to be had!


Cass said...

Love the knee pads, and the sno-cones look delicious!

Jamie said...

how fun! we miss your sweet faces:) I lost my phone and lost your number... call us sometime and we'll chill!