Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Very Good Start

So the day before Dan went back to the clinic from Christmas break we decided to go up to Cave Creek for some lunch and hiking. Never did I imagine the hike would be so beautiful. There was water running in the Cave Creek and the saguaro looked amazing!

First we stopped by El Encanto for some lunch.

When we come here Dan and I usually get to have an actual conversation because the kids are distracted by all the wildlife.

Rayce amassed quite the collection of sticks along the way, when I explained to him he couldn't take them all home he decided they were slowing him down.

Haha, maybe Avie wont think I'm so funny when she gets older!

Poor Avie got going a little too fast and fell right into a cactus, Dan spent the next five minutes picking little spines out of her fingers, good thing she's tough!

Only about six more months left in Arizona, we're trying to enjoy every last minute we have here before we begin a new adventure.


bematheson said...

Love the buttcrack picture hahaha! And I'll say it again I don't want you to leave!

Jessica P. said...

What a beautiful hike and a fun outing! We're gonna miss you guys but so excited for you!

Cass said...

So jealous of that weather! Looks like a fun family day :)