Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kids of Many Talents

April and May have been all about the kids and their differing activities...I get tired just thinking about it. Now a recap that they're mostly coming to an end.
Rayce had a pretty good season of t-ball and loved his team the Bandits. He became quite the hitter!
And then there was swim lessons, Danielle is just a natural in the water. Rayce was sure he was going to sink but quickly took to it as well. Avie had to sit this session out; she's a little more timid around the water but she wore her swimsuit to every lesson for support.
Danielle diving
We've done lots of bike riding (not sure if Avie had an itch or was just striking her best I'm tough pose)
Danielle performed in her school talent show and was wonderful!
Danielle's dance/gymnastics performance
All this talent can really wear a kid out!

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Cass said...

So fun! We just did swim lessons as well. Reminds me of our birthday trip to 7 Peaks many years ago!