Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodbye Utah

Tomorrow we leave for our next adventure in Nebraska. Geez, Nebraska and adventure don't really seem to belong together, but maybe we'll prove otherwise! Before we leave one more post of Utah summer fun, after all we did have fun, we just happened to miss Dan a lot as well!
Ironically, Bridal Veil Falls was the biggest hit of the trip, if I'd had known this earlier I wouldn't have wasted time and money elsewhere!
Danielle scaling the falls. I tried to keep quiet and let her go, but I got a little nervous.
Danielle and Grandma Diane on the 24th.
Slipping and sliding at Grandma Maxine's
Adventures with Dorothy and the Bubble Wrap Boys! We loved spending time with cousin Gavin.
Breakfast with the Callister's.
Sophie and Danielle. Some hard goodbye's were had, but it always makes it sweeter to see them again!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Some More Summer Fun

Only a little over a week left until we make the long trek to Omaha. We've been enjoying our time in Utah and counting down the days until we get to see Dan again.
We enjoyed time with some friends at their uncles ranch. The kids LOVED all the things they were able to do playing in a real tee-pee.
And fishing
And taking the paddleboat out for a spin.
Not a bad view either.
There were also a couple of days of playing in the rain.
And a zoo day!
And a lot of bowling, with good friends!
We may miss these guys just a little :) I hope my kids appreciate all the wonderful people we have in our lives, we are truly blessed!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Half

I decided on a whim to run the Hobbler Half Marathon, since we would be in Utah for a month with not a whole lot to do. I trained for 12 weeks and prayed A LOT that I would be able to finish in a respectable time.
This was around mile 9, I was still feeling pretty good, although in all my pictures I always look so serious...I must have been in the zone.
I finished in 2:24:15, which was under my goal of an hour and a half. I learned a lot from this race, mostly, that I don't like to run races alone, that I need to do better at pacing myself and I would definitley train a little longer next time. However, this last birthday I made a personal goal to run a half marathon before my next birthday, so I made it with time to spare!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The 4th

One of the things that I came to miss the most while living in Arizona was the 4th of July festivities in Utah. My extended family always does lots of fun things and I didn't realize I would miss it so much. Well, this year we did some major making up for those 4 years we missed! First we went to a party at some of our friends house in Sugar House.
Danielle on the mechanical bull. The kids put me to shame...there's no future for me as a professional bull rider.
Avie wasn't interested in riding the bull, she instead bonded with Ceasar.
The girls, so good to be back!
John's "small" firework show was not so small! The police were called, some neighbor's upset, but hey, small price to pay for a fun night.
For the 4th we missed the parade, but went to my family's party after. Avie and cousin Gavin
Potato sack racing...
...Potato sack racing in reverse.
3 legged race.
Avie and her Great Grandma Keith.
Water balloon fight!
So much fun!