Sunday, February 10, 2013

Up to...Nothing

Life in Omaha is becoming fairly routine, Dan goes to his residency, the kids go to school, I'm teaching five classes a week and keeping busy at home. I like routine, I like familiarity. It seems it takes a good six months to fall into familiar routine and in a short five-ish months from now I will be ripped from familiarity and routine to flounder until I can get a new routine going somewhere else that we don't know yet. Such is life in the Air Force and it's what we signed up for. Maybe I'll miss it when we settle somewhere? For now we are enjoying ourselves and making friends. Omaha is great (even in the winter), and has much to offer. I know I've said that before but I've been really surprised at how much I enjoy it here.
We've already made much use of our zoo pass, we've gone 4 or 5 times. It's a great zoo, so late in January when we had a bit of sunshine we went again.
Danielle is staying busy, she's still playing the violin and excels in her school work. She's also been participating in something called dancing classrooms, where they learn different ballroom dances such as the waltz, the samba and the swing. A couple of weeks ago they had a big showcase to show off their moves.
Danielle was mortified to have to dance with boys in the beginning but by the end they had all gotten used to it, and some of them even enjoyed it...ewww!
Rayce is doing well in kindergarten, he is getting really good at reading! I'm so proud of how hard he tries! We had another snow day a couple of weeks ago and he made all this awesome knight armor for he and Avie to pretend with.
I turned 32 on January 20th. It was low-key and so nice. I treated myself to some Kate Spade studs I had been wanting and then told Dan they were from him! He got me just what I wanted!
Speaking of Dan...he's good-looking and he cooks! Lucky lady!
We're anticipating a new base assignment soon, and I'll post when we know, but in the meantime life is good here.


Cass said...

Love your Kate Spade studs! My fave jewelry. :) Danielle's dancing took me back to Grant. I was paired w/ Robby those are some memories!

Linsey said...

That's so funny Cass, I can't remember who my partner was! Getting old, lol!

Jamie said...

How fun!! LOVE the kate spades:) Those little ones are growing so fast! AND did I see a trader joes bag?? Do they have TJs in Omaha? That would be another step closer to heaven! Can't wait to hear where you're headed next. You're so good at adventure!!

Linsey said...

Trader Joe's and Whole Foods! Heaven!

K&S said...

Happy birthday!!! Love the earrings. Our baby Abbie shares a birthday with you! I just turned 32 too! Congrats again on being able to explore Japan for the next few years. That's pretty a pretty awesome opportunity. Not everybody can say they've been to Japan let alone say they've lived there! :)