Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Cont.

The kids have been doing pages from their workbooks almost everyday, and surprisingly there has been little complaining. I still don't think I could be a home-schooler.

We went to a neighborhood association party at the park complete with gelato from Ecreamery, Beautiful and yummy.

We got family pictures taken on Monday and about an hour before we were supposed to start we got this crazy storm out of nowhere. It was really hard rain and left it humid for our pictures!

For our upcoming move we are trying to kennel-train Boris for the 10 hour plane ride. It's not easy, he HATES the kennel, so I used the same method I use on the kids, bribery! It took him about 10 minutes of whining outside the kennel before he finally ventured in to get his hard earned treat...and he came right back out!

Two weeks before the movers come!

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rebeccajh said...

Loving all the pics. I see you are catching on to the new camera quick. Those photos looked good. So funny about happy to hear you get to take him with you!