Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Road Trip Pt 2 (Overload of Mt Rushmore Pictures)

Having never been to the black hills before I could only assume that they were hills and that they were black, right? Rapid City is beautiful, the black hills appear black from a distance, Mt Rushmore is amazing and well worth a trip. Overall we had a lot of fun and are so glad to have seen this part of the country!

Perfect weather and blue skies.
The Sturgis Bike Rally was going on at the same time, but it still wasn't that crowded...just a lot of leather.

I love that Rayce had to wear his cowboy hat, somehow it was very fitting.

We loved this place! Next up, a drive-through animal park. There were bears everywhere.

At first I kinda wondered if we had wasted our money...and then this guy came walking along. I've never seen a white wolf, or any wolf for that matter.
They even had some bear cubs.

We left Rapid City the next day and drove 11 hours to Utah, something I probably wouldn't do again but everyone was ready to be here with family and friends. I didn't really think about leaving Omaha until after it was done. We had a short but sweet year in the Midwest and will always have fond memories of it. I hope we will find Japan to be a good fit for our family. We will soon find out.

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