Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tokyo-Youth Temple Trip

The youth of our ward travel to Tokyo twice a year to do baptisms for the dead. Danielle turned 12 in December so this was her first opportunity to go and Dan is the Young Men's President so he was going also. I really wanted to go because we had many names from our family to do work for. Luckily a good friend in our ward was able to watch Rayce and Avie Jo so I could go as well. We rented three 10-passenger vans from the base and made the nine-hour drive on Friday morning and back again the next day! It was a lot of togetherness time on the road but so worth it.
On our way. We left about 5:30 am.
Tokyo is amazing! What a great city, but I have to admit, I was so glad Dan was driving and not me.
The bonus was the cherry blossoms were in bloom in Tokyo. Beautiful!!!
We made it to the temple about 2:30. It was an awesome experience to get to do work for my ancestors.
We stayed the night at Yokota Air Force Base, just outside Tokyo. The next day the older youth had an activity so we took the younger youth to a local cherry blossom festival. The Japanese have some mighty fine festivals.
This was on the air base.
Japan is beautiful!
This festival was along a river, the paper lanterns are lit up at night.
It was a jam packed 48-hours, the youth were troupers though, as well as the adults. We can't wait to back to Tokyo in a couple of weeks as a family.


Cass said...

You are gorgeous!

Linsey said...

Thanks Cass, wish we could see each other more!