Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 4th

We are accustomed to a very lovely-weathered 4th of July in the States, but I guess Misawa is a different story. People have told us EVERY YEAR, without fail, the 4th is foggy and/or stormy and/or cold. This year looked promising. It was nice all week long...until Thursday night and then there was rain, and fog, and cold. The rain cleared out by Friday but it was still foggy and cold. But, we weren't going to let that stop the festivities. We are not allowed fireworks on base so we went with some church friends to Momoishi beach, and as long as we stayed near the fire, it wasn't bad!
It's interesting and eerie, you can see the line of dead trees from the tsunami a couple of years back.
Sparkler time.
In Northern Japan you can't let the weather stop you from getting out, glad we didn't, Happy 4th!

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