Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nanbu Town

It's a long weekend, yay! We've been wanting to go camping and thought this weekend would be great, but, it would have to be an overnight so we decided to go somewhere close. South west of us is Nanbu Town, only about 30 miles, but, a little over an hour by car. They have some camping in "tree houses". The forecast said clear so off we went.
The forecast was wrong, you can't really tell in this picture but by the time we got there it was pouring!
These are the cute tree houses, not quite what the kids were expecting but they had a ball. Avie asked if we could move in. We were able to cook our dinner under the tree house so the rain wasn't a big deal and by the morning the skies had cleared and it was a beautiful day!
This valley is so beautiful.
Next, we let the kids climb the dragon tower nearby. It's not a regular tower where you walk up and down stairs. There are rope covered tunnels that go outside of the tower to climb up and down, it's crazy!
Here they go...I was hoping I would fit.
Yep, that's Rayce in there.
This thing was pretty entertaining for both adults and kids.
Before we returned to the base we went to try and find Hokoji Shrine. I never get tired of seeing these things!
The entrance.
This one was one of the more beautiful ones we've seen. It was built between 1249 and 1256, and houses the oldest Buddha's ashes in Japan.
Rayce did NOT want to come to the shrine, he thinks they are boring but, he perked up when he realized there were frogs everywhere!
This pagoda is the tallest three story pagoda in Japan.
We are always so grateful to be able to explore Japan and for the amazing place it is.

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OH my heck! Everything about this camping trip is awesome!!