Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So I can officially say we've been in Japan over a year now. Time is flying! Three years seems like enough time to travel to all the cool spots we'd planned on but maybe not. A couple of weeks ago we had the air show here on base. It's a huge event with flying from both American and Japanese pilots and it attracts a huge crowd. Dan was expected to work that day and it's on a Sunday, kinda a bummer for us. We wanted to avoid the crowds so just as it was starting here on base we headed off base for a walk around Komachi Onsen.
An onsen is a public bath and they are everywhere in Japan, usually coming from a hot spring and the Japanese believe them to have healing powers.
We didn't go in the onsen; we just walked around the beautiful grounds. Komachi is one of the more renown of the area.
It was a beautiful and hot day in Northern Japan which is nice because the air show is usually rained out. We caught a glimpse of a few planes on our drive home.

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