Monday, December 22, 2014

My Daughter

It's happened, she's 13!! Isn't she beautiful, isn't she amazing, I think so, I know so! My 13 year old is smart, and funny, and thoughtful. She loves Dr. Who, and Marvel Superhero's, and Disney. She still loves to cook and bake and create. She plays the violin beautifully, she has great fashion sense. She knows when I need a hug, she's a concerned and caring friend. We love her!
These pictures were taken at Danielle's Young Women's in Excellence night. The girls talked about the projects they were working on and they varied between acts of service and personal projects to promote growth and knowledge. My favorite part of the night was when someone said about our YW that they didn't need to come to earth to prove their worth, their worth is of divine nature. I loved that! We are daughters of a king and our worth has already been determined, our worth is infinite, and our Heavenly Father knows that. It was a great night. Danielle I think had a great birthday, she spent almost five hours at the mall with her friends so I assume it was good.
This was taken right before Rayce was born and this is the age I always think she still is, that doesn't make much sense but she will always be this little girl in my mind.

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