Saturday, August 15, 2015

15 Years and a Drive Through Hachimantai

Dan and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on August 15th, 2015! My goal was to take new pictures of us which fell flat like a lot of things that I'm not getting done lately. I'm slowly getting back to life, I think.

Before my Mom got sick I had these grandiose plans of throwing a 15 year anniversary party with our friends here on base and again, lost motivation, and when the day came I didn't feel like doing much. So we decided to set off in the car and just drive without a destination! Yikes, that can be kinda scary and expensive in Japan! We ended up driving south down near Hachimanai and talking, and eating. Great therapy. It was drizzly out and cooler than it's been.
In the winter Hachimantai gets A LOT of snow! They have these tunnels or snow shelters as they're called all along the way up the mountain.
The blue sky kept peeking through.
I wish the pictures did the landscape more justice, it was pretty amazing.
This was me the whole drive, ha!
You couldn't see it real well but these falls start clear at the top of this mountain.
Oh, and we brought our one kid that still likes to hang out with us!
Very cool bridge, very high up in the mountains.
Not a bad view either from the bridge. The cloud below is sulpher. There are a ton of hot springs in Japan. This place had a ton, and the Japanese are huge into Onsens and you could see one clearly from the road...and they don't wear anything. Completely killed what little desire I had to go to an onsen.
It was staring to get late and we still wanted to take the kids and go to dinner so we made our way back. 15 years into our marriage I didn't think we'd be living in Japan, but man, what a blessing and what a blessing it is to be married to my best friend!

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