Monday, September 28, 2015

A Drive Down the Coast

Dan had yesterday off of work, so we decided we needed to be off base exploring. The kids had school so it was just us, some good conversation and some not too bad-looking scenery.
Driving past Shirahama sandy beach.
We parked at Tanesashi Grassy Beach and went for a walk along the coast. The combination of sea cliffs and pine trees is so lovely.
We drove further down the coast through small Japanese towns and came to a spot Dan had taken the scouts camping the year before, it was beautiful! I should have taken more pictures!
This is the coastline, pretty amazing!
We came across this guy while we were driving. Not sure what he was but there are some different looking animals here. He watched us close until we drove away.
This a pretty shrine we saw on the way home that we only had time to drive by. Japanese road trips are the best!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite place ever! I'm living through your pictures now! that place! Yay for days off and drives with just the hubs!