Thursday, January 14, 2016


So on our trip to Bali we took an old camera to let the kids take some pictures. I thought it was a good idea, right? Wrong! They ended up fighting over it most of the trip and I ended up taking it away several times throughout our stay, and forgot about it completely until we came across it the other day. The kids took some great pictures and some goofy ones too, here's some of their snapshots.
Avie is the photographer here and she has a very eager subject.
I love how in this picture Avie kept telling us to move back! She's an artist, very avant garde.
Our friend the frog.
Whoever took these got some great shots of the rice terraces!
The Bali Zoo
This was nice to find this camera and relive this fun trip, I might even let them do this again, maybe just make a camera schedule for the sake of peace!

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