Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Egg Hunting and a Masquerade

To be honest, Easter (egg hunting, baskets, all that secular stuff) is not my favorite. I love talking and celebrating Jesus Christs triumph over death and his resurrection. The other stuff I can do without. My kids don't get Easter baskets, I know, gasp! My Mom was the same way so maybe it's inherited.
We did color eggs.
It requires intense concentration.
It was a beautiful day, still cold, but the sun is rising earlier and staying later.
And they're off!
Rayce has had that Easter basket since his first Easter, I can't ever get rid of it.
My very excited Avie Jo. Danielle has been our egg-hider for a couple of years now. It's very convenient. Although she was kinda just tossing them this year, I had to yell at her to be gentle, they're are extra large crows lurking around for popped open plastic eggs.
It was a success! Later that night Avie and Dan went to the Daddy Daughter Masquerade Ball at the elementary school. Avie Jo looked quite lovely in my mask.
Little cutie! Before long this one will want to stop hunting for eggs on Easter too! Nooo! Until then, maybe I can improve my attitude on Easter and just enjoy it.

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