Friday, September 23, 2016

Craters of the Moon

Geez, my blogging has gotten away from me. Our lives since we moved back to the States has consisted of home projects, home projects and more home projects. I think the theme of our current house could be "I can do that myself", and I don't mean us, I mean the previous owner(s). The problem with doing everything yourself is that you may or may not know what you're doing which can create problems for subsequent I complaining? I'm complaining. I'll stop now. On to brighter topics, like, visiting Craters of the Moon National Park over Labor Day. It was fabulous and slightly cold, but fabulous!
I mean, look at this place.
As you can tell, Avie made the appropriate shoe selection, her Sunday ballet flats. Sheesh, where we're you on that one Mom and Dad?
But really, who'd a thunk giant lava fields would be so pretty?!
Avie and my shadows saying hello.
My explorer Rayce.
And then there's the caves, well, lava tubes to be exact, whatever they are they're cool!
Craters of the Moon gets two thumbs up from the Nelsons!

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