Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy Days

What a week it has been! Today we blessed Avie Jo. It was a great blessing, and even though our families couldn't make it we had some great friends there to support us. Avie's dress was huge, not so much long, but really full. The skirt was light pink tulle... a lot of it. I made the mistake of not trying her dress on before the actual blessing, but she looked so sweet, and was a complete angel during the blessing. She is getting so big, she had her two month appointment last week and already weighs ten and a half pounds! She was also put on a small dose of Zantac for her tummy, which is already making my life much, much easier. Oh, yea, it's probably helping her some too. I'm actually discovering what a happy baby Avie is when her stomach isn't hurting. She is smiling more and more everyday.

In my last blog, I explained how Danielle had an abscess tooth...well it wasn't her tooth that was getting a crown put on it. It was a whole other tooth, so not only did she have to have a crown, but she had one of her baby molar's pulled. Too bad Dan isn't a dentist yet.
I can already see the savings. It' sounds like with my record we will be needing more dental work in the future and hopefully we can hold off until Dan can handle it. Anyway, they sedated Danielle for the procedure, which was pure comedy for me. I knew the medicine had kicked in when Danielle started saying emphatically "I love the dentist!" (not true). Danielle was a trooper and slept most of the day in the most uncomfortable position I've ever seen. She was a little, a lot out of it. No more goldfish crackers at nine at night.

Danielle's reward for being so brave was getting her ears pierced. She was pretty determined although she knew some pain might be involved. She worked herself up a bit before hand, and I think was a little shocked at how little it actually hurt. She ended up with cute pink flowers.

Ahhh, earrings, expensive dental work, she is so grown up. My next blog will be about Rayce's experience at the dentist. It's sure to not be so pleasant.


Brie Wheelwright said...

I wish we'd known about Avie's blessing. We totally would have been there. Poor Danielle. I'm glad they sedated her, though.

Holly and Daric said...

I'm glad you started a blog Linsey!