Friday, August 7, 2009

And Then There Was Flu...

We have been happily in Utah for six weeks, well happily for about five weeks. About a week ago we all came down with the flu. Not, the stomach flu, but running nose, cough, achy muscles flu. The kids all breezed through it, but, Dan and I were completely out of commission. I can't remember ever feeling that bad. That lasted about three days, then I was blessed to feel better for a day or so before getting the stomach flu. No, I'm not joking, although it seemed like a sick joke at the time. At first I thought I had food poisoning until a couple days later when Avie started throwing up. Five month old babies should not be able to get the flu, she was completely miserable! Thankfully, we are all doing much better, and hopefully we'll have no more late night vomits any time soon.

Up until we all got sick we have been pretty busy. We were able to go up to Idaho and visit a wheat farm that has been in Dan's family for a long time.

The kids rode on tractors and 4 wheelers, and had a ball. I think it may have been the highlight of Raycey's short life so far. Danielle was determined to be bored, but I think she actually ended up having a lot of fun. Maybe I'm odd, but I think wheat fields are so beautiful.

We have also been doing some swimming. It felt pretty cool compared to what we are getting used to in AZ.

We've also had quite a few family get together's. My mom's side has a 24th of July breakfast up Provo Canyon.

My kids were the only two in the family to both fall in the Provo River! I think there should be some sort of award for that. It's probably called the negligent parent award!

In case anyone was wondering, yes, Dan finally took his boards and he just found out he passed!!!

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Kimmy said...

Awww! Sorry you guys have been so sick!! When are you headed back to AZ? We miss you guys!!