Thursday, April 8, 2010


So today was the day that I had been both anticipating and dreading for the past month. Avie had her skin test today to determine if she has any food allergies. Depending on how many foods they're testing for, they mark little dots on the patient's back with a sharpie, and scratch the skin next to the dot with food being tested. It wasn't as bad as it sounds. Avie was tested for 56 foods, so her little back looked like a dot to dot. I wish my camera was taking better pictures, but this was all I could get.

It turns out Avie has allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, soy and milk. I'm a little overwhelmed with it, but so grateful that we have the means and technology to find out. Hopefully we can control her diet enough to bring her some relief. I'm relieved that her peanut allergy isn't severe enough that I have to carry an epi pen around.

So, in other Nelson news...well there's not much going on. We had a great Easter weekend, I wish I had pictures of the Easter egg hunt at the ball field. Rayce had so much fun. The 7 and 8 year olds were a little too aggressive for Danielle, but she was a good sport anyway.

We recently got a sandbox, well I should say Dan built one in the midst of the building frenzy going on over here. It's HUGE! The kids love it, and now the bottom floor of my house is like a beach, so awesome. It forces me to vacuum everyday, and to bathe the kids twice a day, but they're having fun. We didn't want to pay for the sand to fill it up so Dan rented a trailer and we drove out a way on bell and found some great desert sand!

I'm not sure if I can think of anything else I'd rather do on a Saturday, although there is something about manual labor that is greatly satisfying.

And here's a picture of Rayce and Avie that I posted because I love that Rayce is sharing his Popsicle with her...and showing her how to open her mouth to eat it!


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness that is the cutest picture of Rayce and Avie! And I'm so glad you have finally been able to get to the bottom of Avie's allergies. Bummer that she's got quite a few...but like you said, it's good that hopefully now you will be able to help her. That kind of stinks to be allergic to milk AND soy?! Poor thing.

What a great idea with the sand box. I'm sure the kids LOVe it! I had to laugh about your comments on the sandbox...I know I would feel the same're a good sport Linsey!

The Bluths said...

Oh I love that last picture and that is awesome that you now know what to do with little Avie! At least you know right?

Colby and Malea said...

You have such a cute family! I am loving the nice smelling blossoms also!

Erin said...

Poor little Avie has allergies!! THat stinks! The sand box looks fun..., you are truly an amazing Mom!! I would NEVER let my kiddos get one...way too messy :)

Kip and Lindsay said...

Linsey! Hey ok so I read yoiur blog all the time but I am always too lazy to post a comment. But, thanks for being such a faithful blogger! Have you guys always known she has allergies? What did you know that it was more then just exema? (sp)