Friday, May 7, 2010

A Shout Out

Dan and I were able to live in Sugarhouse, Utah for 4 years and both go to the University of Utah. We lived about 5 minutes away from the school among quaint pre-war bungalows and mature trees, a vast contrast from our current surroundings. When we first moved to Sugarhouse, Danielle was soon to turn 3 years old, and we knew no one. We've moved 5 times in our 9+ years of marriage and this was the only move that felt like we were moving home. It was effortless. We lived in an 1100 square foot duplex that was built in 1957. It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer (although, not AZ hot). The fireplace didn't heat the place at all. The bathroom was teeny-tiny. The kitchen had original appliances and the ugliest linoleum you've ever seen, and there was no back yard for Danielle to play, but we didn't care. We loved EVERYTHING about the place. It's funny, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances don't necessarily make a place home.

This is a picture of our actual street back in the twenties, our duplex would be built and is located on the far left in this photo. The trees are now taller than the homes. They are now trying to designate the "yalecrest" (as it's known) area as a historical district. The grassy area in the middle is where Danielle would play because we didn't have a back yard.

One of our favorites, The Blue Iguana. Dan and I frequently daydream about all our old regular eating spots. Have I mentioned we like food?

Mostly, I miss my friends. We had some amazing people in our area that we were fortunate to be able to call friends and I miss them. Just wanted to tell them how much they mean to us, by the way, none of them have blogs so they probably won't read this, but just in case, we love you, and miss you.

We moved from Sugarhouse when Danielle was 6, Rayce was 1, and I had just found out we were expecting Avie. A lot has changed in a short time, I thought living here a couple of years would take away this home sick feeling, and it has faded, but I still miss Utah I can't lie. Although, I can say I also really love Arizona and I'm glad we have the opportunity to have these experiences. How else would we know where we want to end up living if we don't experience what's out there? Okay, I'll stop whining now. Thanks for reading my self indulgent rant!


Brie Wheelwright said...

I miss Utah, too. We will definitely end up there. We lived in downtown Salt Lake, I don't miss that so much.

Kip said...

Well you may live Arizona more if your parents decide to live there, right?

Kiara Design said...

Love you Linsey!! I feel the same way :o) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings...makes me feel even closer to you when I read it and see photos. Love you guys! Michelle

Valerie Hall said...

Sorry you are feeling sad! I for one am grateful you are not there:) I am so selfish but we love you and are so happy you are here with us!

Tristy said...

I think that living in AZ has been a great experience being on our own for the first official time, but I do really miss my family. I love Utah (but I'm not a huge fan of snow) but I think I miss Utah the most because of family!!