Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flour & Rain

I think every kid does this at some point

You just have to laugh and grab your camera, and then a broom.

We've also had a little rain, and living in Arizona, any change in weather is a welcome change. The kids and I went outside to play in it.

Some pretty big raindrops

Rain catching


Play wrestling, which quickly turned into real fighting.

We love summer rain, I hope we get more!


Jessica said...

I love it! I'm pretty stoked about the rain as well! Hope to see you guys sometime soon! I feel like it's been forever!

The PG Pixtons said...

It's just nice that it didn't rain ON the flour. Jake dumped a box of honeycomb on the floor in front of the fridge then pushed the water dispenser, turned the cereal to mush, and regrouted our tile :) Sorry, but that was just a sweet little girl mess.

The Bluths said...

I heard Avie was sick, is she better now? I'm not liking the humidity that has come with the rain, I'm still sweating! But I loved the thunderstorm. I sure miss those from Minnesota!

Tono, Brielle, Bryton & Callie said...

Avie looks so sweet and innocent! Im sure it was a big mess but how can you resist laughing with that face! I have enjoyed the rain as well but not the humidity!