Monday, August 2, 2010

Yay for Monsoons!

More rain came our way, and a little hail too! Rayce was a bit unsettled by the "hard rain", especially since we were laying out on our grass when it first started hailing. I haven't seen hail since I was very young so I was a little surprised as well.

Danielle ran out to grab a sample, and then ate it.
We probably sat there for twenty minutes and just watched it out the back door. I remember being absolutely terrified of lightening and thunder as a kid but now I love to hear the rumbling and see the flashes in the sky.

Of course when it stopped hailing the kids felt they needed to go play in the rain, and it took a solid thirty seconds for them to looked like little drowned rats!

Drying off just before she ran back outside!

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Jenna said...

That storm was awesome!! We stood and watched it forever. Cute cute pictures!