Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dan had a week off from school so we went to Utah for the week. We hadn't been back since Christmas so we were anxious to see our friends and families. Danielle had already started school so she missed the entire third week! I felt bad about that, but I guess not bad enough to not go. Here's what we did:

On our way up. Dan thinks Avie's pigtails make her look like an Ewok!

The kids picked strawberries and tomatoes out of Grandpa's garden everyday

The kids at The Childrens Museum

Rayce in the Helicopter, this is what he calls his "tough face"!

A slightly less tough Rayce as a turtle...maybe it's a tough turtle?

Cousin Clara and Rayce

Danielle and cousin Atticus

Dinner up Millcreek Canyon
Rayce, Nicholas, Danielle and Emalee

Avie and her friend Bentley

Pool party at the Boyden's

Rayce never actually put the goggles on his eyes, he just wanted to wear them on his head.

Dan and I had our vacation a couple weekends back. We had fun in Utah, but this trip was definitely about the kids, and they had fun! We were all glad to see our wonderful friends and family who we miss so much!


The PG Pixtons said...

So fun to see you guys while you were here. You need to bring your kids up more often-they are growing up way to fast. P.S. Please don't move to Turkey :(

Monica said...

I was just looking at your friend's list. How the heck do you know Danny Matson? Blake and him were good buddies in grade school when they moved into our ward. I was good friends with his sister...and who doesn't love his mom? Not to mention his dad deliverd a couple of my sisters. Tell him I said "Hi" when you see him next.

Jamie said...

Just fyi Avie looks nothing like her daddy:) Love that pic! "Ho Made Pies"... silly girl! I'm still laughing:)

Scott said...

I love it when Dan takes off his shirt!!